Raumfeld speakers now offer a virtually unlimited choice of streaming sources thanks to Chromecast built-in (also known as Google Cast).

Now it’s easier than ever to stream, or “cast”, over 100 services from your phone, tablet or PC to a single speaker or multi-room setup. Just touch the Cast icon in your favorite app—such as Deezer, Google Play Music, or your favorite Internet radio station — and enjoy the highest sound quality without the need to open the Raumfeld app.


Like Raumfeld speakers, Chromecast built-in is designed for the best possible performance. Unlike Bluetooth, it works over WiFi so you can connect to multiple speakers from anywhere in your home without draining your device’s battery or interrupting the music with calls or apps. Because Chromecast built-in is an open standard, you can even combine Raumfeld speakers with other Cast-compatible speakers you may already own.

Best possible sound quality

WiFi’s larger bandwidth makes it possible to stream music files in their original quality.

Use your phone without interrupting playback

WiFi uses your phone to connect to your router and from there to the cloud. This makes your phone independent from the actual data transfers, allowing you to use it without interruption.

Whole home audio control

Unlike Bluetooth, WiFi does not require the user to be in the same room as the device to control it. You can adjust playback on any speaker within your home WiFi from a single smart device.

Control multiple speakers at once

Bluetooth is a technology that works between two devices. Since Chromecast built-in uses WiFi to stream, it doesn’t have this limitation. Users can select multiple speakers for playback.

Won’t drain your phone’s battery

Chromecast built-in establishes a connection between your speaker and the cloud. This means your smartphone is not intensively used and your battery won’t be drained.

Works with Android, iOS and laptops

Both Bluetooth and Google Cast work with Android and iOS smart devices.
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Music is streamed directly from the Cloud in the highest quality, ensuring you hear exactly what the artist intended. It’s the perfect match for Raumfeld’s award-winning speaker design, based on the over 30 years of experience from Teufel.

Whether you want to hear the latest club music with full, rich bass or a classical recording with true stereo separation and detail, Raumfeld with Chromecast built-in delivers the most satisfying audio experience possible— perfect for practicing #TheArtofListening.

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Step 1

Launch a Cast-enabled app and press the Cast icon.

Step 2

Select the speaker or the zone where you want to listen to the music.

Step 3

Enjoy the music.

For complete info on casting to to our manual  
Chromecast is a trademark of Google Inc.
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