The app of unlimited possibilities

The free Raumfeld Controller App for smartphones and tablets
Control your music from anywhere in your home. Discover new songs and stream different selections in different rooms - all with a just a few taps.


  • Home
    The compass for your world of music: The music choices available to you plus all setting options can be found here. A clear and intuitive layout means the only thing you’ll get lost in is your music.
  • Now Playing
    Album art is back! Don’t just hear the music - easily recognize your favourite albums and artists thanks to album art displayed in the app.
  • Control room
    Everything’s under control: Define zones within your multi-room system and play back the same or different music from a range of sources throughout your home. At a glance, you’ll see what’s playing in which zone. Adjusting volume and equalizer settings is a snap.
  • Adjust zone
    You call the tune: Determine which speaker or speakers play in which zone. Play different music in different areas of your home or the same music throughout - in perfect sync.
  • Volume
    You control what is played – and how loud: Set volume levels in all zones to either the same or different levels for the perfect whole home audio experience.
  • Favorites
    The ultimate music collection: Your favourite songs, artists and albums are always just a click away no matter where you source them, e.g. streaming services or your own digital music library.
  • Streaming services
    Music without frontiers: Raumfeld’s music streaming partners give you access to over 25 million songs – enough for 140 years of continuous music listening.
Your playlists are crafted from your personal preferences regardless of where the audio files are sourced: Integrate tracks from the cloud, USB storage devices and smartphones into your playlists. Raumfeld will know where to find them.
Equalizer settings
Achieve the perfect harmony of space and sound: Adjust the sound of your Raumfeld system to suit your preferences and room conditions.
Clever integration: Connect your CD or record player to your Raumfeld system and stream music via app to various rooms in your home.
Private music collections
It all connects: Access your music stored on a USB device, home network, smartphone or tablet. The app will automatically locate the appropriate cover and name and display them in the app.
Internet radio
Always on air: Access over 70,000 radio stations via TuneIn. A clever search function helps you find your favourite and local stations in an instant.
Music services
A world of music at your fingertips: Raumfeld partners with music streaming services that make it possible to hear your favourite songs, discover new music and make personal playlists.
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The Raumfeld App at a glance

The Raumfeld App is the user interface to the Raumfeld system. It makes it possible to simply and intuitively control music selections as well as playback options like volume levels and equalizer settings. The Raumfeld App is available for smartphones and tablets for either the Android or iOS operating system. Each version is available for free download in either the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store.

All essential controls are at your fingertips
The Raumfeld App gives the user access to a world of music without frontiers via Wi-Fi. In addition to this nearly infinite source of music in the cloud, users can include traditional source devices via line-in and USB. Make playlists from a wide range of music and discover your next favourite song or artist.

The entire experience is clear and easy to navigate beginning with the initial setup. The app’s setup assistant guides the user through the process step-by-step.

Endlessly discover new music and stay connected with old favourites
Once your new speaker or network audio player has been successfully established in your home Wi-Fi network, the Raumfeld App makes it easy to access a range of on-demand music streaming services as well as free internet radio.

Have a big digital music collection of your own? The Raumfeld system can access audio files in a wide range of different formats including FLAC, ALAC and WAV from smartphones and tablets as well as NAS servers and UPnP devices. In addition, storage devices can be directly connected via USB port; CD and record players can brought into the system thanks to a line-in connection on all models except for the compact One S.

System requirements
In order to use the Raumfeld App, you’ll need:
  • an Android smart device version 4.0.3 or higher or
  • an Apple smart device with iOS version 8.0
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