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Stream with your current hi-fi or home cinema system with the Raumfeld network audio player. Simply connect the Raumfeld Connector to your system (either digital or analog) and use the Raumfeld App's easy setup guide to connect to the Wi-Fi. Not only will you be able to access a world of music from the cloud and your own home network, you can send and receive streams from Raumfeld players in other rooms. Unlike many other network audio players, the Raumfeld Connector supports even Hi-Res files for enjoying the highest level of digital audio on your system.
Raumfeld Connector
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Raumfeld Connector

Network audio player

Do you love your exisiting stereo or home cinema system but wish you could access the world of music...

Get connected with a Raumfeld network audio player

Raumfeld’s network player, the Connector, transforms any hi-fi or home cinema system into a streaming device with access to a world of music. A free Raumfeld app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets makes it easy to control your streams of music from your own collection or a constantly expanding range of streaming providers. The Connector uses DLNA and UPnP technology for wireless audio transmission and has a high-end D/A converter capable 24-bit /192 kHz conversion.

The Raumfeld network player is perfect for those who would like to stream music with an existing system. Since all Raumfeld devices are modular, the Connector can be seamlessly included as part of a multi-room system with the addition of one or more Raumfeld streaming speakers.

The Connector is your gateway to the world of streaming in true high fidelity.

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