Wi-Fi Soundbar

Together at last: Music and home cinema. The Raumfeld WiFi Soundbar makes it possible.

The Raumfeld WiFi Soundbar unites TV sound, home cinema, music playback and multi-room streaming in a single device. Sophisticated acoustic technology with innovative digital signal processing and a wide range of streaming possibilities makes this WiFi Soundbar one of the most versatile entertainment systems available today.

Easy placement options and an elegant design round out the system’s offering of sound, playback options and understated style. Whether you’re looking for a TV sound system with active subwoofer that can also play back music or a hi-fi music system capable of handling movie soundtracks like a pro, the Raumfeld Soundbar is all you need.

Raumfeld Soundbar

Wi-Fi Soundbar

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Wi-Fi Sounddeck

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The Raumfeld WiFi Soundbar: Home cinema sound and hi-fi music playback

The Raumfeld WiFi Soundbar comes complete with an active wireless subwoofer for access to a world of entertainment possibilities. Use the Soundbar to improve your TV sound. The active subwoofer has an innovative flat design for anywhere room placement along with a clean and punchy bass for a home theatre experience that can be felt as well as heard.

Excellent acoustic qualities make the Soundbar equally suited to music playback. Integrated WiFi technology converts even lossless audio files for the highest level hi-fi playback. Access a world of music from Spotify, TIDAL, Napster and TuneIn and Raumfeld’s other streaming partners.

Easy setup: Connecting an HDMI soundbar with ARC

The WiFi Soundbar from Raumfeld connects to your TV via a single HDMI cable. The wireless sound system’s Audio Return Channel (ARC) means that a single HDMI connection functions as an input and output as needed. The integrated CEC standard allows volume on the system to be controlled with a standard TV remote. Other source devices such as game consoles and DVD or Blu-Ray players can be directly connected to the television. The HDMI cable transports the audio signal to the Soundbar.

The additional remote control fashioned from the same brushed aluminium as the Soundbar offers additional controls.

Easy streaming: Control your multi-room audio streaming system with the Raumfeld Controller App

The free Raumfeld App for the TV Soundbar with wireless active subwoofer offers a wide range of control options. Access songs from Spotify, Napster and TIDAL or your own digital music library per finger tap using your smartphone or tablet. The Raumfeld multi-room system supports a wide range of audio files including MP3, WAV, Flac, Ogg Vorbis, ASF, WMA, M4A containing AAC or Apple Lossless. The ability to stream the highest quality lossless music files ensures that the system’s high-end audio technology is supplied with the very best source material.

Experience immersive virtual surround sound with the new Raumfeld Wireless Soundbar

Experience an enveloping sound that comes very close to a 5.1 surround sound system without the need to fill your living room with loudspeakers. Playback technology developed in-house especially for this system creates an especially broad sweet spot so that every listening position in the room can experience the same thrilling sound.

The active subwoofer can be placed horizontally under a sofa or vertically behind a sideboard. Since the subwoofer communicates wirelessly with the Soundbar, you only need to plug in a power cable. The subwoofer receives signals from the Soundbar from a distance of up to 10 meters in lossless sound quality.

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