Wireless speakers

All-in-one WiFi players for seamless multi-room streaming

Here you’ll find the perfect WiFi player for every room and listening preference. All speaker pairs as well as the Raumfeld One M and the One S are modular all-in-one systems with integrated amplifiers. Advanced D/A converters plus high-end, well-tuned audio hardware make Raumfeld speakers capable transforming even lossless files into high definition sound. This means you won’t have to accept diminished sound quality as a tradeoff for greater convenience with your wireless speakers. With Raumfeld, you really can have it all!

Raumfeld Stereo L

Wi-Fi tower speakers

Technology & Sound Raumfeld’s flagship speaker, the Stereo L perfectly incorporates all of the...

Raumfeld Stereo M

WiFi bookshelf speakers

Sound & Technology The new Stereo M bookshelf streaming speakers set a new standard for...
Raumfeld Stereo Cubes
Free shipping

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes

Compact Wi-Fi speakers

Sound & Technology You could be forgiven for underestimating these little speakers that measure just...

Raumfeld One S

Pint-sized WiFi speaker

Sound & Technology The One S is a little speaker with big ambitions. It would be difficult to pack...

Raumfeld One M

Single-speaker solution for hi-fi Wi-Fi

Sound & Technology The One M is a single-speaker solution with sound enough for two. 120 watts means...

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