A world of music without frontiers

Multi-room, multi-music
From one speaker solutions in the kitchen to a floorstanding stereo pair in the living room, you’ll find the right streaming solutions for every room and listening preference with Raumfeld.

Endless choices, infinite inspiration

Streaming partners
True wireless high fidelity naturally requires quality source material. That’s why Raumfeld partners with the best music streaming services from around the world. From Spotify to TIDAL, a wide range of exceptional audio sources ensures that you never run out of musical inspiration. In fact, it would take 140 years to listen to all of the music in hi-fi sound quality currently offered by Raumfeld’s streaming partners.

Inexhaustible options from the cloud

A wide range of streaming options
The Raumfeld multi-room audio system can access a nearly infinite variety of music from the cloud as well as private music collections stored on UPnP-enabled devices or media servers such as NAS.

Stay connected with old favourites

CD and record players
CD and record players can be included in your repertoire of playback options. It’s even possible to restream signals from these audio sources to other Raumfeld players for a multi-room experience with maximum flexibility.

A system that grows with you

Modular, expandable
Raumfeld’s modular system can be freely configured and expanded. Start with the One S and expand the system into other rooms. A smartphone or tablet is all you need to control a single Raumfeld player or an entire multi-room setup thanks to the free Raumfeld App.


Audio streaming at its finest. What you want to hear is always at your fingertips in every room of your home.
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