Millions of songs are only a finger tap away

The Raumfeld user experience

Getting started
All you need to get your Raumfeld system started is Wi-Fi, the free Raumfeld Controller App and a Raumfeld speaker or speaker pair. A step-by-step guide in the app takes all the guesswork out of the setup process. In fact, getting a Raumfeld player up and running is much easier than connecting a traditional stereo system.
1. Plug it in
2. Download the app
3. Start streaming

Your interface with a world of sound

The Raumfeld Controller App
Select from your personal music collection, internet radio and millions of songs from streaming providers using the Raumfeld App’s clear and easy-to-use interface. All system functionality from defining and selecting zones for playback to adjusting volume and creating playlists is easy to locate and control.

They’re playing your song

Streaming services
Thanks to a wide range of exceptional audio sources, you’ll never run out of musical inspiration. Subscribe to one of the high-quality streaming services offered by our partners or take advantage of a near infinite selection of music, news, podcasts and audio books via internet radio.


Push button access to your favourite music

Preset buttons
We realize you can’t always have a smartphone at hand, but you’ll probably want to hear your favourite music as often as possible. Preset buttons make it easy to get your playlists and radio stations going before that first cup of coffee.

1. Favourite songs
2. Favourite internet radio stations
3. Favourite albums
4. Favourite playlists

Expand your horizons

Fine tune your home Wi-Fi
The optional Raumfeld Expand creates a flawless multiroom experience in even difficult home Wi-Fi environments. The Expand works with the most stubborn internet routers by creating a dedicated wireless network exclusively for your Raumfeld system.
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