M Stands

Support your music

  • Pair of speaker stands for the Stereo M
  • Places the speakers at the ideal height for playback
  • High-quality construction made from steel and brushed aluminium
  • Various cables can be concealed within each stand’s column
  • Improves the precision of bass playback
  • Stand height: 62 cm
  • Delivered as a pair

Worthy pedestals for your Stereo M

The Raumfeld M Stands elevate the Stereo M WiFi speaker pair to the ideal height for music playback. It also places the speakers at eye level so as to better display the system’s sleek minimalist design.

The M Stands are the perfect alternative for those unable to accommodate the Stereo M on a shelf or sideboard.

The stands‘ height of 62 cm places the Stereo M’s coaxial driver units at ear height so that every detail within the system’s balanced stereo panorama can be appreciated. At the same time, the massive construction absorbs vibrations, thereby improving the system’s deep and dry bass playback.

The well designed...
M Stands
  • Award-winning sound and design
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Lossless file support for CD-quality sound
  • For single device or multi-room streaming
  • German-engineered audio technology
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Included components

Technical Data

Raumfeld M Stands
Dimensions Weight 24.3 lb / 11.0 kg
Miscellaneous Base dimensions: 12.4 in / 31.5 cm 10.0 in / 25.50 cm / 0.98 in / 2.50 cm (T/B/H) Column diameter: 2.6 in / 6.70 cm Max. load.: 55.1 lb / 25.0 kg Total height of the pedestal: 24.4 in / 62.0 cm
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