Open Source

Raumfeld’s developers are not only involved in multiple projects in the open source community, they also make much of Raumfeld’s software public.

You’ll find the most interesting open source projects that are used in Raumfeld listed here. All information is, naturally, available for download.

Boot loader
Raumfeld devices use the universal boot loader "U-Boot". Download the source code which is available under the GNU Public License.

Stream decoder
The stream decoder is a service which  decodes audio streams and makes them available to other processes for further operations. The stream decoder uses the GStreamer multimedia framework. Download the source code which is available under the GNU Public License.

Linux Kernel
Raumfeld has developed the hardware needed for the perfect sound experience. This hardware utilizes the open source operating system Linux. Raumfeld works closely with the international kernel development community in this area.

All changes to the Linux kernel and all drivers developed for Raumfeld hardware either have already been included in the official Linux source code, or soon will be. Download the patch for the official kernel 2.6.36, which includes all the changes.

Raumfeld devices are supported by the mainline Linux kernel since version 2.6.33. We only use a minimal patchset with some changes that have not yet gone upstream or are not suitable to go mainline. This set of patches against Linux 2.6.36 can be downloaded here: Download

A short summary of changes this patchset covers:
  • pxa3xx GCU driver (still pending, will hopefully go mainline at some point)
  • Disable console cursor
  • Raumfeld bootup logo (as framebuffer background)

For a detailed user manual of the Raumfeld Audio Streaming System, please visit our Raumfeld Online Manual.

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