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Raumfeld WiFi speakers play SoundCloud

SoundCloud and Raumfeld – united by a passion for music

Raumfeld just added SoundCloud to its already extensive streaming options. The premiere platform for sharing original sounds, SoundCloud is the perfect partner for Raumfeld, a multi-room system that brings listeners closer to the music they love.

Impressive selection from young artists to famous names

Discover the next big names in music, find obscure gems in a range of genres or listen to your favourite popular tunes – SoundCloud has it all.

Exclusive DJ sets for your next party

SoundCloud offers a nearly inexhaustible variety of DJ sets in every conceivable genre. Raumfeld ensures the perfect club atmosphere with all your music choices, in no small part thanks to perfectly punchy, resonant bass.

Keep your finger on the pulse of music

SoundCloud lets you follow friends, famous DJs, musicians and emerging artists so you won't miss a beat.

Enjoy every musical era with timeless sound

Nothing captures the Zeitgeist of a time like music. Embark on a musical journey though past genres and discover emerging artists. Raumfeld's timeless design and pure sound will be your guide.
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