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There was a time before MP3 and music streaming when listening to music was an activity in and of itself, much like watching a television show or reading a book. The hi-fi system was just as much a centrepiece in the home as anything else. But in today’s multi-tasked, multi-screened world we often don’t make enough time to really listen to music.

We’re “distracted from distraction by distraction”

to quote T.S. Eliot. And we’ve made compromises on our music playback systems, many of which are the equivalent of listening to music in mono.

Raumfeld believes it’s time to give the eyes a rest and make time for active music listening: #TheArtofListening is a skill we can and should continue to develop. Through this series of videos and events, you’ll learn how to get back to more focused listening, and hear from artists themselves how they listen to music and what to listen for when you play their music at home. And naturally, when you stream music on a Raumfeld system, you can experience the highest fidelity and true stereo separation all in a contemporary design that doesn’t just fit in your room, but will make your room. From the moment you own a Raumfeld system, you’ll be amazed at just how much more music you listen to!

with White Lies

Our first video series features British rock band White Lies. Hear the band talk about the making of their fourth studio album Friends, and learn how they listen at home and how music inspires their own songwriting. White Lies stream music on Raumfeld Stereo M and One S systems.


Interview with White Lies - 3:30 min - Oct 2016

The Raumfeld Listening Room

The Raumfeld Listening Room is a new event platform for bringing music fans closer to the music they love. By registering for one of these free, invitation-only events, you’ll get the unique chance to listen to an album in an intimate setting as the artist gives background and anecdotes about each song. You also get a rare chance to meet the artist, ask questions, and learn what to listen for when playing the album at home.

The first Raumfeld Listening Room took place Oct. 4 with White Lies in Berlin. Check this page for future events to be held around the globe.

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