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The new Raumfeld Sounddeck is here: A sound system so stunning, it's almost a shame to place your TV on top.

Raumfeld Sounddeck

WiFi Sounddeck
The Sounddeck grants you open passage to a world of audio treasures. From movies to music, you'll experience every port of call along the sonic horizon in true-to-source sound quality. Raumfeld's proprietary Wellenfeld Technology floods your entire room with highly realistic playback. Get transported to an oasis of sound wth the Sounddeck!
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Set sail for a whole new sound experience

The Sounddeck covers all your sonic needs: Movie & TV playback, music streaming & multi-room
Your'e not going to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a dinghy. In the same way, you won’t experience powerful, realistic sound from the speakers in your flatscreen TV. The Raumfeld Sounddeck brings volume & detail to your TV and movie sound - all from a single sleek and easily placed enclosure. Set sail on an ocean of sound!

Expert reviews

"Strong levels, balanced tuning“
"Masterfully produces a gigantic 3-dimensional soundstage“
"Powerful, expansive and distortion-free sound thanks to Wellenfeld Technology.“
"A bass performance that no other soundbase we know of offers at the present time.“
Area DVD

A compact system that makes big waves

Surround yourself in sound.
From stormy seas to smooth sailing, Raumfeld's proprietary Wellenfeld Technology transforms the atmosphere in your room to match the action on your screen. The system's unique ability to fill a space with sound makes every listening position the best seat in the house.

Keeping your sound on an even keel

Innovative technology produces powerful true-to-source playback.
Wellenfeld Technology guides the system's 6 broadband drivers in the even dispersion of sound for a 3-dimensional effect. Supporting the soundstage with fathomless depths of rich and powerful bass are 2 downfiring subwoofers. A 280 watt class D amplifier blows plenty of wind in the system's sails for clean levels in even larger rooms. The best part? You won't need a fleet of speakers. A single Sounddeck does it all.
  Front and side speakers
6 x 70 mm broadband drivers deliver clear, high levels
  Downfire subwoofer
Two large woofers produce powerful, highly realistic bass
Integrated, high-performance 280 watt amplifie

Crystal clear - music from any source

Experience music as the artist intended.
Unlike many other streaming systems, Raumfeld does not compress audio data for easier transmission. With lossless files, you'll experience exactly what the artist intended in CD sound quality.


  • Rhapsody
    Rhapsody offers over 32 millions songs along with a wide selection of audio books, podcasts and special features.
    TIDAL is the first global streaming service to offer lossless digital music for CD-quality playback.
  • SoundCloud
    SoundCloud is an increasingly popular way for major recording artists as well as lesser known musicians to share their creations with fans – and it’s free!
  • TuneIn
    Listen to local or international radio stations.
  • Line-In
    Activate the line-in input to play and re-stream music from CD and record players.
  • My Music
    Play your own music collection saved on media servers, USB storage systems, smartphones or tablets losslessly in the highest sound quality.
  • Playlists
    Raumfeld lets you create playlists with files from different sources. Combine your favorite tracks from TIDAL with your own music collections for the ultimate listening experience.
  • Spotify
    A huge selection, curated lists, recommendations and more. Spotify is a full service music streaming provider.

Enjoy music without frontiers.

The Sounddeck is part of the Raumfeld multi-room system and is compatible with all other Raumfeld devices. Listen to music from a music streaming service in your living room on your Sounddeck while a family member enjoys an audio book or podcast in her room on a One S or Stereo M.
  • Multiroom in verschiedenen Räumen
  • Multiroom in den gleichen Räumen

Sophistication and simplicity

Connect the Sounddeck to your television via a single HDMI cable. Additional devices like Blu-ray players, HD receivers or game consoles can be connected to the television. The sound is transmitted to the Sounddeck via the television and setup is accomplished in mere minutes. Thanks to CEC technology, you can control the Sounddeck with your TV remote. ARC technology makes it possible to connect the system using a single cable.

You're in control

The Sounddeck remote gives you direct access to your sound.
Save playlists or your favorite songs on the four preset buttons. In TV mode, you can use the buttons to select the right Wellenfeld mode for your film or program.
  • 1. Preset buttons
    Save your four favourite streams from web radio, streaming services or your own collection.

    2. AUX
    Activates the AUX input, e.g. your CD or record player

    3. TV
    Activates TV playback

    4. OPT
    Activates the optical input e.g. your game console

    5. Play/Pause/Raumfeld button
    Starts and stops playback
  • 1. Wellenfeld Mode (1-4)
    The four Wellenfeld Modes Stereo, Arena, Theater and Voice perfectly adjust the sound to what you are watching or listening to.

    2. AUX
    Activates the AUX input, e.g. your CD or record player

    3. TV
    Activates TV playback

    4. OPT
    Activates the optical input e.g. your game console

    5. Raumfeld Button
    Starts and stops playback

The app of unlimited possibilities

The free Raumfeld Controller App for smartphones and tablets
Control your music from anywhere in your home. Discover new songs and stream different selections in different rooms - all with a just a few taps.

At home in any port of call

The Raumfeld Sounddeck offers all the necessary connections.
From HDMI to optical, digital, analog stereo inputs, USB and network connections - any film or music source can be integrated.
1. Setup button
Begins the set up process.
TV connection with ARC and CEC. A single cable is all you need.
3. LAN
The strong alternative for weak WiFi signals.
4. USB
For music on USB storage devices.
5. Optisch
Connections for game consoles.
6. AUX
For connecting CD or record players

A stunning design as clean and linear as the playback

There are many ways to reach the same goal, we just chose the most beautiful one.
Like a beautiful yacht, the Sounddeck's graceful form is fasioned from the finest materials. A real wood enclosure enhanced by brushed aluminum accents and matte lacquer is optimized for sound and easy on the eyes.
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