The Raumfeld sound

Crafted by audiophiles

Streaming has come of age
Access all the music in the world. Raumfeld makes it possible. Advanced audio technology transforms music from your digital music collection and many popular streaming services into high definition sound. Unlike many other wireless multiroom systems, Raumfeld doesn’t reduce the quality of your music. This means that audio is transmitted at its original bandwidth. Raumfeld supports lossless audio files.

Hear what the sound engineer intended

Transparent sound
Each speaker is linearly tuned for transparent playback that invites years of listening pleasure. No droning bass, muddy mids or shrill trebles disrupt the pure enjoyment of music reproduced just as it was recorded.

A live concert in your living room

At a time when plastic all-in-one speakers regularly promise a satisfactory hi-fi experience, Raumfeld’s Stereo Series proudly carries in its name what is really required: True stereophonic sound. The result is a soundstage with a directionality and depth that can only be surpassed by a live concert.

Advanced audio technology

High-end components
Each Raumfeld speaker is packed with advanced audio technology including class D amplifiers, coax drivers, progressive double bass reflex systems, wooden enclosures and fabric dome tweeters. The result is playback that is every bit as transparent, dynamic and immersive as that produced by a wired hi-fi system.
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